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The Mathematical and Software Engineering Department -GM

50 graduates a year

General objectives

Engineers differ from technicians in that the former must show capacities to  innovate and to handle concepts efficiently. Recent developments in computing technologies have compelled businesses to change their traditional  managing methods  . New  technologies all use mathematical and logical concepts such as : virtual reality  and numerical simulation ,  numerical prototyping , numerical processing of digital signals , optimization of production ,  logical and statistical information processing , finance , cryptography , ...(the year 2000  was chosen by the UNESCO as  a year dedicated to mathematics in the world ). Conceptualization must appeal to our engineers so that they are able to adapt as quickly as possible to  new emerging  technologies and techniques .They need to have a strong mathematical background  so as to cope  efficiently with  the numerous applications of our modern mathematics , regarless of  wider specialization . Students also need to show capacities to master the different techniques inherent to computing - a very useful tool for them. Being open to dialogue and  quite often trained for an intcrnational career , they   need to  have a definite taste for human relations . INSA -Rouen was one of the first schools  in France to deliver a  mathematical engineering  degree .



The GM Department offers students a very deep training in mathematics and in computing with specific  subjects linked to :

  • Scientific modeling (scientific calculation , numerical analysis , equations with partial derivates  , optimization , automatics , signal and image processing , finance ....)
  • Productics ( discrete optimization , operational research , CAO , ..)
  • Forecasting and planning (data analysis , probabilities and statistics )
  • Computing ( study of algorithms and programming, conception  , operating systems , networks ,  expert systems , data bases , artificial intelligence ,  ....)


 The first two years (GM3 -5th and 6th semesters and GM4-7th and 8th semesters ) constitute a common core programme . The last year is optional and allows students to deepen the scientific field  they  have chosen . Importance  is given to languages : 2 compulsory languages including the English language . Our students are also trained in management   . Sporting   activities are compulsory . Many students follow the Theatre+studies or Visual -arts +studies optional minors.

Our training is based on educational concepts to develop our students ' taste for team work , autonomy , responsibility and knowledge of the industrial world -  especially through projects and internships . Each year ,  most of the training time  ( 7 / 8 hours at  least  , during the first two years ) is given to students  so that they can carry out their projects  , working in pairs . This is an opportunity for them to gain concrete experience to complement the knowledge and skills acquired at school  and it  largely helps  them to master computing tools .  The final year project  can be  in conjunction with industry (2 days a week ) .


      See the  course catalogue of the GM Department.


Industrial internships

Student engineers are trained for  business and industry thanks to :

  • A   2-3 month placement as a technician at the start of the 4th year ( from July to September ).
  • A   2-4 month  recommended optional  internship at the start of the 5th year ( from June to October )
  • The possibility of doing a part -time placement ( 2 days a week + in June ) in the course of the 5th year .
  • A   4-6 month placement as an engineer at the end of the 5th year .


Students  regularly follow seminars on employment ( how to prepare for a job interview , to write a CV , to get information on the  « Journée des Métiers » and on the « Forum des Métiers »  ..).


Training in international universities

Final year students  may study in a foreign university ( in Great Britain , Ireland , Germany , Austria , Spain , Canada , ...) in the framework of  SOCRATES  or other Exchange programmes. About 40% students benefit from such   opportunities . Special partnerships have been set up with various  foreign institutions ( in Europe ,  the USA ,  Canada or  Japan ..) .Our students are strongly encouraged to mix with other  countries , cultures and ways of tackling problems. .


Doctoral studies and research

Final year students may also take a Master- by research degree  ,choosing from  among several  ; Mathematics and Computing .


 Career openings .

Opportunities abound in all branches of the economy : large industrial groups , SMEs and SMIs , banks , SSII , with a particularly strong demand from the software and new technologies sectors .The financial sector attracts many engineers .


 Contacts :

GM Department  -INSA-Rouen

  Place Emile Blondel  BP 08  Mont Saint Aignan Cedex  - France

  Telephone  +33 [0] 2 35 52 83 31   - Telecopie +33[0] 2 35 52 83 32

E-mail :

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