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The Mechanical Engineering Department-MECA

50 graduates a year


Mechanical engineers graduates from INSA -Rouen are appreciated for their sound technical skills and their ability to adapt quickly to the demands and changes  of the industrial world : strong competences in conception  , materials , implementation , industrial production and maintenance  as well as in modelling , production line optimization , elaboration of new materials . Specializations in design of mechanical systems , solid mechanics , fluid and structural mechanics .



  Degrees are obtained by accumulating credits and courses are organized in semesters .  Our student engineers  broaden and deepen their knowledge in the course of their studies through numerous mandatory  or freecourse catalogues .  Thanks to many  varied courses  , the  MECA Department aims at :

  *giving our students  general knowledge in Mechanics and Humanities to help them cope with specific professional situations and to prepare for future evolutions.

      *allowing them to adopt a personalized profile by  freely choosing  their courses  ,even outside the MECA Department. They  may follow deeper  courses in a specific field linked to mechanics . Our Department  also proposes more specialized courses in the 3 following field:

  •    Mechanical Systems Conception :
This section  puts emphasis on all conception  operations carried  out before  dimensioning.     There are also courses  on production as well as on   the way to choose and implement materials . Students are also offered to acquire methods of conception applied to cyclical structures . This section is more specifically meant for students wishing to work as research consultants .


  •  Fluid Mechanics :

Courses on problematics linked to fluid mechanics . This section aims at analysing flows physical properties .Students will then  practise  experimental tools and numerical simulations widely  used in the industrial world so as to analyse and create systems  at the heart of which fluid mechanics lies.


  • Structural Mechanics :

The aim is to enable students to assimilate aspects linked to the  resistance calculation  of  structures . There  are also courses  on numerical modelling applied to statics or to dynamics ,   on cyclical  elasticity and plasticity , on the fluid-structure interaction issues .


 Industrial internships

 The MECA  Department meets a strong  regional  industrial demand both from SMEs  specialized in mechanics and   from large industrial groups specialized in aeronautics , automobile or energy . Four  placements  or projects are compulsory :
*Placement as a technician

Placements  must be done within businesses  .  Students  who have already  done an internship before  may be exempted , on their request .

 *Research projects

Each student will have to do a research project in the course of the 1st semester of their 5th year .Thematic fields may be given to students by industrialists or research laboratories .

 *Industrial internships

Each student will have to build an industrial project in the course of the 5th year .


*Personal projects

Each student will have to carry out  a personal project in the course of the 4th year . This  course catalogue must enable students to develop their personal qualities and initiative.


International relations

 For students to be able to work in multicultural teams , the MECA Department puts emphasis on :

  •  Studying foreign languages : English ( preparation for the TOEIC )  + a second language (German or Spanish ).
  • Studying  and doing internships abroad during their school years ( 50% of our students go abroad during their school years )
  • Welcoming foreign students , teachers and researchers coming from Brazil , Germany , Spain , Canada , the USA , ...


Doctoral studies and research

Students  are invited to  prepare for a Master while following courses in the 4th and 5th year. In all disciplines relating to high technology , close ties with researchers  must exist . Our Department  works in synergy with several laboratories recognized by the CNRS .


Career openings

Strong demand for graduates both from SMEs and large industrial groups ( transport , aeronautics , nuclear technology , ...) and also the services sector . A broad spectrum of positions is offered : design engineers, test engineers ,  designers  for virtual reality tools , quality managers , product managers , ...)



MECA Department   - INSA-Rouen

 Avenue de l' université – BP  08 F 76801  Saint Etienne du Rouvray cedex - France

 Telephone : +33 [0] 2 32 95 97 12   Telecopie  : + 33[0] 2 32 95 97 10 -  Email :

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