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The Humanities Department

About initial training and cross-disciplinary sections

The Humanities Department groups non-scientific subjects together within the framework of engineering training :
  • Management and Human Sciences
  • Communication
  • Foreign languages
  • Physical and sports activities


20% of INSA' s training are devoted to develop students ' social qualities  and human skills . Our mission is to permit each student to better integrate into society , to acquire qualities essential to professional and personal well-being .Several  optional minors will enable willing students to enrich their personality : 

  • Theatre+studies (a way of expression which is useful to students as regards their future career).
  • Visual  /Arts /Music +studies (students may be members of choirs , orchestras ,...and participate in the organization of concerts or festivals , thus contributing to the cultural life on the campus)
  • To p – level athletes (possible adjustments in students courses to enable them to pursue their sports career while preparing their Engineering diploma).


The Humanities  Department also manages the « Service Audiovisuel »( Service in charge of audiovisual aids).

Click here to see the  Humanities course catalogue


Place Emile Blondel -BP 8  76131 Mont Saint Aignan Cedex

Telephone :  +33  0] 3 35 52 83 00    Telecopie   : +33[0] 2 35 52 83 69

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