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1917: Creation of the Institute Chemistry of Rouen  (ICR)

1959: National Institute of Industrial Chemistry of Rouen (INSCIR)

1985: INSCIR becomes INSA-Rouen , part of the national INSA network

1987: Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Department(CFI)

 1989: Mathematical Engineering(GM) and  Energy and Propulsion(EP)Departments

1995: Mechanical Engineering Department (MECA)

 1999: Information Systems Design Department(ASI) and  International Bilingual section (IBIS)

 2004: Industrial and Environmental Risk Management Department  (MRIE)

2005: 20th anniversary of INSA-Rouen , 20 years serving higher education and research

2009: Full relocation to the Madrillet Technopole campus


Our missions at INSA-Rouen

INSA-Rouen has three  fundamental  missions:

  • To provide initial and continuing engineering education programmes
  • To excel in scientific research and development
  • To transmit scientific culture to engineers and technicians


Our values

Quality, equality and openness are our values.Our deep respect for human dignity   - towards our students , teachers , researchers and administration staff - puts personal fulfilment at the heart of our preoccupations.Our humanist ambition  is to serve Knowledge  , Science and Industry.





Campus INSA de Rouen

Avenue de l’Université
76801 Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray Cedex - France
Tél. : 33 [0] 2 32 95 97 00
Fax. : 33 [0] 2 32 95 98 60

Mail : insa@insa-rouen.fr


Internet : www.insa-rouen.fr
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