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INSA Rouen Normandie offers a broad range of academic programs.

Engineer training programs for full-time or apprenticeship students, nationally-accredited master’s degrees, master’s specialization® degrees, Normandy University PhD programs, Normandy University student entrepreneurial degrees. 
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Visuel GCCD
  • Civil engineering, urban planning

Civil engineering and sustainable construction

In 3 years, the GCCD specialty prepares engineers capable of leading the design, implementation, operation,...

  • Computer science, mathematics, modelling

Information Systems Architectures

In 3 years, the department of Information Systems Architectures (ASI) trains Computer Science engineers with...

Visuel GM
  • Computer science, mathematics, modelling

Mathematical and Software Engineering

The Applied Mathematics Department (GM) provides a strong mathematical and software engineering background to address...

Visuel MECA
  • Mechanics, materials


Engineers trained in the MECHANICS specialty can intervene at all levels of industrial processes :...

  • Environment, energy

Energetics and Propulsion

In 3 years, the EP specialty forms engineers involved in environmental issues. They have high...

Visuel MRIE
  • Systems, industrial risks, process engineering

Control of Industrial and Environmental Risks

In 3 years, the MRIE specialty trains engineers involved in all aspects of Industrial Risk:...