Gender equality


The mission for gender equality focuses on two areas:

  • Foster INSA workplace gender equality
  • Promote equal access to an education in engineering and to work opportunities and conditions for INSA Rouen Normandie engineer students


  • to implement regulations according to national standards
  • to support or develop territorial initiatives by establishing a strategic action plan for the institution, in cooperation with local associations and regional programs
  • to regularly monitor equality indicators
  • to cooperate with the institution to monitor gender equality


Gender equality initiatives according to target audiences:

High school students: a breeding ground for future engineers

  • Conference “Become an Engineer”
  • Conference “Diversity and Digital Technology”
  • Meetings between middle and high school students

The students, public of the institute

  • Contests for student engineers

  • Presentation of careers traditionally considered for males/females

  • Conference on gender equality – all audiences

  • Poster campaign on sexual harassment

  • Expositions

  • Gender equality week

  • Promotion of local and national initiatives through the school’s communication channels:

    Social media, website


  • Gender equality training

  • Conferences on gender equality, sexual harassment, female inclusion in academic programs

  • Guidelines for best practices

  • Poster campaigns

  • Staff support unit

Cellule Violences Sexistes et Sexuelles - VSS

Si vous êtes victime ou témoin de violences sexistes et sexuelles vous pouvez contacter la cellule VSS 


Référente VSS  -  Isabelle Malandain (Infirmière) – (infirmerie)


Contact cellule VSS :

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