INSA Rouen Normandie is a public scientific, cultural and professional institution. The university is governed by a board of trustees with support from scientific and education committees.

INSA Senior Management, under the authority of the director, includes the following:

Five departments to oversee operations

  • Academic programs and student affairs
  • Research and value creation
  • General services
  • Entrepreneurial relations
  • International relations

An administrative department to assist in overseeing operations:

  • Financial and budget affairs

The management team members are:

  • Mourad BOUKHALFA, Director
  • Stéphanie VANDER EECKEN, Director of General Services
  • Jean MAQUET, Director of Academic Programs and Student Affairs
  • Christian GOUT, Director for Research and Value Creation
  • Florence MEDAERTS, Administrative Director of Academic Programs and Student Affairs
  • Stéphanie VANDER EECKEN, Director for Research, Academic Partners and Value Creation
  • Stéphanie PETIT, Director of Entrepreneurial Relations and Innovation
  • Laurent FERNANDEZ, Director of Financial and Budget Affairs