International relations

Within INSA Rouen Normandie, research excellence is extended beyond national borders thanks to fruitful international collaborations.

Belonging to the European University ECIU makes it possible to form strategic partnerships with institutions of excellence across the continent.

By actively participating in European and international research projects, through programs such as Horizon Europe, Interreg, ANR-PRCI, the institute strengthens its impact in the scientific and technological field.

The incoming and outgoing mobility of researchers is used to develop numerous international collaborations. Programs: Erasmus+ (Training Mobility), Hubert Curien Partnerships (PHC), INSA Rouen Normandie Calls Incoming Mobility/Guest Professors...

INSA Rouen Normandie actively participates in the network policy with the other INSAs: for example on the organization, selection and reception of Chinese doctoral students within the framework of a partnership with the CSC (China Scholarship Council) and the network of Universities of Technology, as well as by hosting students and doctoral students from the Dominican Republic via the CALLIOPE program.

Together, we are pushing the boundaries of knowledge to build a promising future.

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