CORIA - COmplexe de Recherche Interprofessionnel en Aérothermochimie


CORIA lab is supported by CNRS (French national research center for science, label UMR6614), Normandy University of Rouen and INSA Rouen Normandy. It is integrated into the PSIME Doctoral School and associated to energy, propul- sion and environment research federation. It plays a central part in the «Insti- tut Carnot» ESP, and is member of the Laboratory of Excellence EMC3.

Research fields

  • Combustion
  • Numerical simulation
  • Reactive and supersonic flows
  • Plasma
  • Optics and laser diagnostics
  • Sprays and two-phase flows

Application areas

  • Energy
  • Automotive industry
  • Aircraft and rocket engines
  • Wind power
  • Study on pollution

Know-how and expertise

Opticsandlaser diagnostics
Development of optical and laser metrologies, new laser sources, for innovations linked to transition to secure, clean and e cient energy systems.

Numerical simulation
Development of numerical methods of high perfomance calculation, simulation and modeling (YALES2 calculation code, ARCHER, SitComB...).

Research on plasma for transition to secure, clean and e cient energy systems or spacecra atmospheric entry.

Reactive and supersonic flows
Development of theorical models, advanced numerical calculation and metrology to understand and describe flows in energy domains: aeronautics, aerospace, wind turbine...

Development of academic knowledge on combustion for improvment of transition to secure, clean and e - cient energy systems and pollutant emission decay of aircra and car engine, energy production or industry.

Sprays and two-phase flows
Research on drop formation and transport in turbulent flows. Domains of energy.



Unique facilities in Europe

  • Laser diagnostic Platform: for velocity and species concentration in reactive flows at high temperature, for characterization of particles in fluids, and for development of laser sources.
  • Numerical center for high performance scientific calculation in fluid mechanics, combustion and plasmas, using the most performing calculators in Europe.
  • Test benches with laser diagnostics with complex flows at high pressure and temperature.

A wide range of collaborations

Numerous enterprises are interested by the CORIA’s skills: ADWEN, Air Liquide, Continental, Delphi, EDF, Engie, Fives Pillard, GE Healthcare, IBM, PSA, Re- nault, Renault F1, Rhodia, Safran, Saint Gobain, Thalès, Total, Valéo, Zodiac... CORIA is internationally renowned and has worldwide collaborations: England, Germany, China, Austra- lia, Belgium, United States, Tunisia, Algeria, Sweden, Brazil, Hungary, Czechoslovakia ...


Laboratoire CORIA
Campus du Madrillet
675 avenue de l’Université, BP12
76801 Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray cedex
tél : (0)2 32 95 36 00

Direction : Armelle CESSOU