The Industrial Chairs program of the ANR (French national research agency) pursues a triple objective:

  • Build and structure collaborative scientific research projects in priority and strategic areas for public and private actors involved in the industrial chair, through a strong and lasting partnership.
  • Allow teachers-researchers or researchers of international renown, French or foreign, on the move or not, to work on an ambitious, innovative research program with indisputable industrial scope.
  • Provide training through research, by offering doctoral and post-doctoral students the approach to research work carried out according to a long-term vision in academic research laboratories coupled with the experience of players in the economic world.

Chair on artificial intelligence:

Stéphane CANU, LITIS laboratory, receives funding from a research chair for a period of 4 years. It is called "towards a safe artificial intelligence for mobility".

Recent advances in artificial intelligence in the field of statistical learning in general and that of deep neural networks in particular, make it possible to envisage the use of these technologies in the design of increasingly autonomous vehicles.
But before this near future becomes reality and our roads are safer, with algorithms replacing human drivers, it is necessary to know how to attest the quality of the decisions taken.
The "Towards Secure Artificial Intelligence for Mobility" chair project aims to strengthen local research dynamics around questions related to the security problems associated with the application of artificial intelligence to mobility.