Music study program


Courses in the humanities account for a large part of INSA group's engineering programs: 20% of the INSA Rouen engineer curriculum focuses on subject areas in the humanities such as languages, communications, human sciences and management. In addition to the institution’s nine main scientific specializations, INSA Rouen aims to foster awareness of world issues by offering curriculums on five different themes: dance, sports, media, theater and music.


The music studies program includes three specializations:

  • Choral music study
  • Instrumental music study
  • Virtuoso music study with a tailored academic curriculum

Singers and musicians are supervised by professional artists at INSA Rouen or by other organizations, such as municipal, regional and local conservatories, clubs and associations.


• Students enroll in the music study program during their first year at INSA. Fourth or fifth-year students are offered a curriculum tailored to both their engineering and artistic training, and objectives. This entails a three-party agreement signed between a student, the academic director and the music study director. For example, postponed admissions or a temporary academic break may be considered. Students enrolled in the virtuoso music study program can plan their studies over a five-year period.
Two recitals are organized every year: the first in December includes a varied repertory, the second in May focuses on a specific topic.

  • • The choral music study program gathers 45 choristers who may or may not be part of the music study program. The rehearsals take place throughout the academic year, on Wednesdays from 8:30 pm to 10 pm at INSA Rouen.
  • • The instrumental music study program is taught at a third-party institution such as a conservatory, a club or an association.


Choral music study program
The program is open to students and INSA Rouen staff and to students from local universities. It is possible to join the choir without having enrolled in the music study program.
Instrumental music study program
The program is open to students having at least five years of recent experience. Once the application has been approved by the program director, it is sent to a third-party institution (conservatory, club or association) where the student will attend courses. Passing the entrance exam at the third-party institution is a prerequisite for program admission.