Dance study program


Courses in the humanities account for a large part of INSA group's engineering programs: 20% of the INSA Rouen engineer curriculum focuses on subject areas in the humanities such as languages, communications, human sciences and management. In addition to the institution’s main scientific specializations, INSA Rouen aims to foster awareness of world issues by offering curriculums on five different themes: dance, sports, media, theater and music.


A mixture of physical exercise, a sensitive approach to the world and modern cultural expression, dance foments overall intelligence through movement. Students in dance study programs gain greater knowledge of self and others, and learn to control and express their feelings through corporal language and art forms that reflect societal time periods or perspectives. As a result, engineers are trained to be innovative, creative, and open-minded to contemporary expression. A curriculum-accredited program, students must validate ECTS credits as part of the humanities department program (additional in-depth and introductory courses).


The program aims to train in, and raise awareness of, choreography and its diverse dance forms through a multi-disciplinary approach: practical and theoretical learning, cultural outings and meetings with professional artists.

Practical learning

  • regular attendance at a training institution (external, at a conservatory, association - or internal, in the school’s sports association weekly modern jazz course). Students must pay registration fees
  • completion of two 10 to 15-hour mandatory internships at INSA Rouen taught by renowned choreographers and including an end-of-year performance.

Theoretical learning

  • a minimum of 9 hours of classes (dance history, performance analysis) at INSA Rouen
  • attendance to at least three theater performances and a conference among those scheduled by our cultural partners and presentation of an end-of-year academic project


An adjustment of academic courses can be considered for students undergoing intensive and high-level training, in particular at the regional conservatory (under agreement with INSA Rouen).



Open to all students at any level.
Admission requirements include grade reports and a cover letter (students must state the training program they wish to register for, if prior to pre-registration and auditions), a photo resume including art-related background and an estimated schedule of academic activities (scheduled workshops, rehearsals and auditions). Resumes and schedules are not required for beginners. An interview will be scheduled upon receipt of application.