LITIS - IT Laboratory, Information Processing and Systems


The LITIS is a laboratory (EA 4108) University of Rouen Normandy, University of Havre Normandy and INSA Rouen Normandy. It is a member of the docto- ral school MIIS and of the normand network «Digital Normandy». LITIS is a partner of the Normastic CNRS Research Federation.

Research fields

  • Information access
  • Bio-medical informationprocessing
  • Ambient intelligence

Application areas

  • Health
  • Automotive, smart territories
  • Access to information in all sectors

Know-how and expertise

LITIS is expert in the fields of machine learning and pattern recognition. These skills are essentially theore- tical and algorithmic and relate to kernel machines, Markovian models, graph-based classification and model selection.

Acquisition, processing and mana- gement of big data for intelligent transport.

This research focuses on decision making and interaction mechanisms between so ware and human agents for the development of socio-technical systems. The models proposed for automated decision-making processes are based on reasoning models co- ming from artificial intelligence and from semantic web.

Information technology, health
Research is carried out in medical imaging for prediction and therapeutic monitoring, as well as in bioinformatics to extract relevant information from biological data.

Combinatorics and algorithms
Combinatorial and algorithmic studies of models of an algebraic nature used for the processing of information (words, free monoids, automatons, generative series, polynomial systems).


Active production of demonstrators and so ware
Research carried out at LITIS leads to the regular production of so ware or demonstrators promoting the dissemination and technological transfer of its scientific results: dematerialization and access to digital documents in PlaIR, PIVAJ or DocExplore platforms; the manipulation of dynamic graphs by the GraphStream library; indexing and retrieval of medical information for the CISMeF portal and the EVA platform.

A wide range ofcollaborations

LITIS collaborates with international groups (Airbus Defense and Space, Bio Mérieux, ITESOFT, Orange Labs, Siemens, Valeo) as well as small companies. It has close relations with Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, South Korea, Spain, the United States, Italy, Morocco, Romania...


Laboratoire LITIS
Université de Rouen Normandie, UFR Sciences et Techniques
avenue de l’université
76800 Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray
tél. : 02 32 95 50 11 -

Direction : Thierry PAQUET

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