Health Services

The Health Services office at INSA Rouen Normandie readily and warmly welcomes our staff and students to:

  • ensure primary and urgent medical care,
  • lend a sympathetic ear,
  • provide information on physical or psychological health issues,
  • assist with personal problems, difficulties adapting,
  • inform and provide literature on health issues: tobacco, alcohol,, sports, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases or STDs, Aids...,
  • help you to keep vaccines up to date (upon request or during medical appointments),
  • put you in touch with Rouen University Preventive Health Services where you can make appointments for specialized care: nutritional requirements, contraception, acupuncture to quit smoking, sessions with psychologists or psychiatrists, social services.

Staff and office hours

The staff includes:

  • a full-time nurse
  • a full-time secretary
  • an occupational healthcare doctor for students
  • an occupational healthcare doctor for staff
  • a psychologist (by appointment only)
  • a social worker (by appointment only)
  • a sophrologist (by appointment only)
  • specialized staff for disabled students

Office hours

  • Monday to Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.


Health Services – further information

Occupational healthcare

Medical checkups are mandatory for pre-enrolled students, new INSA arrivals and students with specific health risks. Email notification will be sent to all concerned. The medical appointment includes a vaccination update.

Please note: students must contact Health Services promptly for information on additional vaccines needed for travel abroad.

Specialized healthcare

  • Sophrology: relaxation and self-improvement. Bi-monthly sophrology sessions are conducted on university premises. Contact Health Services for more information.
  • Social workers: information and advice for financial problems. Available by appointment only..
  • Psychologists: help and guidance for personal or family problems. Available by appointment only.
  • Exam schedule adjustment: assessment of specific needs during the school year depending on disabilities and long-term or debilitating diseases. Available by appointment only. All concerned are encouraged to make an appointment at the beginning of the school year.

For urgent assistance, immediately contact the helpline.


Prevention initiatives

  • Hearing Awareness Week: jointly organized by health services, occupational healthcare providers, and the Mutualité Française, a French health insurance organization. Students are encouraged to take a free hearing test at the Health Services office. According to medical recommendations, an appointment free of charge with an ENT specialist can be arranged.


Urgent healthcare

  • Workplace First-Aid Program personnel is available on school premises for first-responder emergency care.
  • Depending on the individual’s condition, they can be accompanied to the Health Services offices for further treatment.