Dual degrees

One of INSA Rouen Normandie’s main goals in the international domain is to develop dual-degree programs for the benefit of both its students and its strategic partner institutions. Implementing dual degrees involves signing a specific agreement between institution partners.

Extensive academic training in another country and the overall dual degree experience endows internationally-focused engineer graduates with valuable, sought-after qualities such as a worldly openness, autonomy and versatility. Students are prepared to successfully integrate economic organizations and businesses in both countries.

Dual degrees

A dual degree involves a dual academic curriculum geared at obtaining accredited degrees in both countries. INSA student engineers obtain two degrees, one from INSA Rouen Normandie and an additional degree from a partner university.

Joint degrees

Student joint degrees include the following:

  • an INSA Engineering degree according to their specialization: Chemical Engineering and Biotechnological Processes, Energy Processes or Mechanical System Design
  • a Master of Science degree from Kaiserslautern University of Technology according to their specialization.