Research partnerships, technology transfer, value creation

Socio-economic impact

Companies and institutions can boost their innovation capacity by means of the large range of research expertise that INSA Rouen Normandie has to offer. Research contracts, laboratory sharing, thesis supervision: partnership stakeholders can profit from a wealth of technological advancements and know-how by means of collaborative practices. Discoveries, development tools, patents, and an occasional start-up can emerge from such academic relationships.


Research studies at INSA Rouen Normandie laboratories are often conducted through partnership collaborations. Such assertive work policies are spreading on a national, European et international scale. Through its large number of collaborative projects with partners from highly diverse backgrounds, INSA Rouen Normandie can affirm its position as an expert and support the socio-economic industry. Research studies at INSA Rouen laboratories are strongly aligned with Research and Innovation Smart Specialization Strategies (RIS3).

Ways to collaborate

Collaborative solutions:

  • Temporary partnerships to work on a specific topic: research collaboration contracts, research service contracts and technology transfer contracts.
  • Industrial Research Chair: aims to develop research expertise on topics jointly determined with partner companies. One such collaboration was set up with the Safran Group.
  • Laboratory sharing: sharing of highly advanced skills and field experience. Analyses & Surface, CERTAM, CEVAA, EDF, Holodiag, Janssen Cilag and Total are some examples of laboratories that have established partnerships with INSA Rouen Normandie.

CIFRE thesis program

Support for the socio-economic industry

Privileged, hands-on access to the socio-economic industry through doctoral research is made possible by the CIFRE program (Convention Industrielle de Formation par la Recherche), a partnership between a French company, a laboratory and a doctoral student. Companies can benefit from new scientific or technological skills. The partnership helps further innovation and increase the number of PhDs employed in companies. Many INSA Rouen Normandie PhDs have participated in the program.

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