"Welcome to France" label

Logo label Bienvenue en France

INSA Rouen Normandie has committed itself to the "Welcome to France" labeling process launched in 2019 by Campus France. 

The first "Bienvenue en France" labelling campaign was launched on 31 January 2019 to highlight the facilities available to international students in higher education institutions. INSA Rouen Normandie has committed itself to this labelling process and following the 3rd Labelling Commission held on 4 December 2019, the school is one of the 56 establishments awarded this label on French territory.


INSA Rouen Normandie has been awarded the 2-star level, attesting to the quality of its welcome for international students, thus satisfying 15 of the 20 indicators defined by the label, notably those of the "Welcome package". These are concrete actions, directly in contact with the reality of international students, structured according to 5 fields:

  • Quality and accessibility of information: multilingual site with a clear presentation of the training offer and diplomas, combined with an offer of dematerialisation of application and administrative procedures.
  • Quality and accessibility of reception facilities: a multiservice reception desk offer associated with the distribution of a welcome booklet and welcome products. This welcome takes the form of a backto-school event specifically dedicated to international students and inclusive events throughout the school year.
  •  Accessibility and teaching support: INSA Rouen Normandie has developed a French as a Foreign Language (FLE) offer.
  • Accommodation and quality of campus life: dedicated reception for international students with multilingual staff, as well as an accommodation offer. Call to mobilize students and promote foreign students with the establishment of international student referents.
  • Quality of postgraduate follow-up with support towards employment.


This label is granted to the INSA for 4 years and will be updated in the second year following an expertise. In this sense and in order to pursue a process of continuous improvement, INSA Rouen Normandie has begun to implement numerous actions to improve the reception of international students within our school.


Some key measures

  • Translation of reference documents such as residence, schooling, association documents, etc.
  • Structuring of Welcom'INSA to welcome and integrate international students as well as possible
  • Establishment of a sponsorship system for international students
  • Support plan for the internationalization of training: training in interculturality, English courses for administrative and teaching staff, training to use English as a language of instruction, etc...