Summer and winter schools - FFL

Summer School

For over 17 years, INSA Rouen Normandie has offered intensive French as Foreign Language (FFL) courses for students enrolled in the Bilingual Program. Courses are available during the school’s summer sessions which generally run from mid-August to early September.

These courses are also open to students enrolled in non-French-speaking exchanges. Every year, we welcome between 35 and 45 students from various countries (Eastern Europe, Latin America, India, etc.).

Upon request and depending on availability, students can be welcomed upon their arrival at the airport or at a train station in France.

The summer school program includes French classes and a cultural-based program.

Courses (Two ECTS)

The International Summer School runs over a 3-week period and includes around 60 course hours (4 and a half hours per day = 22 and a half hours per week).

Special focus on French as a Foreign Language courses (CEFR language levels A2-C1).

The university accredited French courses university are geared to help students in dealing with the following administrative departments: Housing and Residential Services, Health Services, libraries, Cultural Services, administrative services such as banks, personal health insurance companies, Caisse d'Allocations Familiales, CAF (financial aid for rent), and the French Office for Immigration and Integration.

A refresher course in Mathematics (15 hours) and Physics (5 hours) is also offered to first-year students enrolled in a Bilingual Program.

Courses are held on the INSA Madrillet Technopôle campus in Saint-Etienne du Rouvray, and are delivered by French as Foreign Language accredited teachers who assist students in their first steps at INSA Rouen Normandie.

Cultural Program (optional)

It includes several tourist tours to Paris and Normandy. ;

Some examples of organized tours: Normandy coast (Deauville, Honfleur), Paris, Giverny gardens, etc.

Accommodation and meals are provided on the Madrillet Campus.

How to register?

To receive a registration form, please send an email to:

Winter School

Encouraged by its successful Summer School experience, INSA Rouen Normandie also offers Winter School since 2006.

Winter School runs over a six-week period from November to January, for 15 to 25 Chinese students recruited four months prior to the session start date. The international students take the same scientific courses as the Engineering Science and Technology (EST) students. At the end of the intensive program, the Chinese students enroll in the International Bilingual Section, which includes courses both in French and in English. Their numbers add to the foreign student headcount enrolled in the first semester.

The Winter School French program core curriculum includes French as Foreign Language courses and university accredited language courses from the Summer School program.

To register, please send an email to:

French as a Foreign Language (FFL)

Foreign students who do not hold a French baccalaureate, or who are enrolled in the Bilingual Program , or in University exchange programs (Erasmus or other), are offered French language and culture-oriented courses, which replace the two mandatory languages required for French-speaking students

Throughout the academic year, a 3-hour French course per week is offered to exchange students (1.5 ECTS credits/semester)..

Three levels are available: "beginner", "intermediate" and "advanced".

Students and professors have access to audiovisual and IT resources, and to a library specifically geared to French as Foreign Language. The second cycle French courses are based on standard learning courses and on a self-training approach.

How to register?

Please send an email to the FFL Head Professor, Gérard Vincent MARTIN::

Hourly attendance for on-site courses

Engineering Science and Technology Department (ESTD)

Semesters 1 and 2:

  • Beginners: 3 hrs./week over 30 weeks = 90 hrs.
  • Advanced: 1 and a half hrs./week over 30 weeks = 45 hrs.

Semesters 3 and 4:

  • Intermediate: 1 and a half hrs./week over 30 weeks = 45 hrs.
  • Advanced: 1 and a half hrs./week over 30 weeks = 45 hrs.

Engineering Program Department

Semesters 5, 6, 7 and 8:

  • For all students: 1 and a half hrs./week = 22 and a half hrs./semester
  • For beginners: an additional 1 and a half hrs./week = 45 hrs./semester

E-learning program educational method

The e-learning program is aimed at fostering student’s skills in French as well as developing their autonomy.

Students must therefore manage their own training (self-assessment and self-management). Teachers, who act as advisors, will give their opinion on how students manage their progress, and may provide additional solutions if necessary.

Teacher-student collaboration is tailored to each individual. After having determined student needs and goals, teachers provide a first solution that students can then adapt and build on as they progress. Teachers/advisors and students communicate by email, and during bi-monthly meetings. Such methods take student schedule constraints into consideration and enable language learning during internships away from campus.

E-learning educational content is organized according to three major pillars:

  • Informal French (oral and written, phrase structures, vocabulary, expressions)
  • French writing (reports, minutes, theses, etc.)
  • Concepts in French: analysis, note-taking, spontaneous debate, reporting, overviews (oral and written)


Facilities are provided to foster self-learning: library (books, magazines, films, records) and the Department of Humanities’ publishing room for specific resources:

  • Educational resources (grammar, methods, dictionaries, exercises, etc.)
  • A wide range of materials in French: books, films, audio or video recordings
  • Fully equipped television
  • Workstations
  • A computer specifically for pronunciation training.

Reliable resources are also available on the INSA Rouen Normandie e-learning platform: go to "common courses" and "French as a Foreign Language". Activities related to editorial content and Internet links are available online