LSPC - Laboratoire de sécurité des procédés chimiques


The LSPC is a host team (EA 4704) INSA Rouen Normandie and University of Rouen Normandie. It is backed by three engineering courses, two «IUT» courses, two masters from INSA Rouen Normandie and the University of Rouen Normandie. The LSPC is attached to the PSIME doctoral school.

Research fields

  • Process safety
  • Biomass valorization and green chemistry
  • CO2 capture and valorization
  • Microwave-Assisted Processes

Application areas

  • Energy
  • Bio-refinery
  • Environment
  • Green processes

Know-how and expertise

Process safety
Charcterization of reaction media by reaction colrimetry, thermal runaway prevention, safety and stability of chemical reactors

Microwave-Assisted Processes
Design of microwave reactors for intensified processes, behavior of multiphase media under microwaves, characterization and modeling of wave-matter interactions, applica- tions in green chemistry.

Biomass valorization
Study of biomass as a renewable source, thermochemical methods of valorization. Epoxidation and carbo- nation of vegetable oils. Production of green additives for fuels...

Capture and valorization of CO2
CO2 capture by reactive absorption, kinetics of gas-liquid transfer. Chemi- cal valorization of CO2: carbonation, hydrogenation of CO2 ...



  • Instrumented absorption-desorption pilotes with packed and spray columns
  • Microwaves-assisted reactor benches with 2.45 GHz and 915 MHz, vector network analyzer
  • Reactor benches: with thermal balance for liquid phase reaction, under pres- sure for hydrogenation or carbonation, catalytic gas-solid reaction ...
  • Installations for pyrolysis / gasification of biomass with online analysis of gas products
  • Instrumented Lewis cells
  • Calorimetric reactors: 2 Mettler RC1 and 1 Mettler RC1E under pressure, 3 adiabatic reactors (2 ARC and 1 ARSST)
  • Microcalorimetry (DSC), thermogravimetry TGA, Calvet calorimeter C80
  • Modeling tools: MATLAB, ASPEN, Fluidyn, COMSOL, cyclone ...

A wide range of collaborations

The LSPC collaborates with many academic and industrial partners: Veolia Environnement, IFPEN, ARKEMA, BASF, Chevron Oronite, Oril ... whether local, national or international: Italy, Finland, Ireland, Belgium, Algeria, Morocco, Dominican Republic, India, China ... The LSPC participates in mul- tiple research projects (ANR, ERDF, INTERREG, RIN ...) and is strongly involved in regional research: EP2M and CTM clusters.


Laboratoire LSPC
Campus INSA Rouen Normandie
685 avenue de l’Université, BP08
76801 Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray cedex
tél : (0)2 32 95 66 79 -

Direction : Bechara TAOUK

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