International Program

The undergraduate department offers an international program (bilingual FR-EN), which brings together equal numbers of French students and international students from non-French origin. Highly sought out during the first three semesters of the Engineering curriculum, the program’s academic content is similar to its traditional counterparts; half of the courses are in English. Since 1999, the international program has prepared future engineers for career mobility and for work with multi-cultural teams.

Every year, the program enrolls nearly 100 students, nearly half from countries worldwide.  

The scientific program and academic resources are similar to traditional ones, but entail specific implementation:

Starting in 2019/2020, each year a scholarship for academic excellence of €1500 is awarded to the three best international students in the SIB's 1st year international pool. This scholarship is paid in one lump sum, non-renewable.


  • International students are offered 3-week preparatory courses (summer school), in addition to the curriculum.
  • Half of the scientific courses within the three-semester core curriculum are conducted in French, the other half are in English.
  • In addition to English courses in professional communications (modern language 1), "French as a Foreign Language" (FFL) is also available (modern language 2).
  • Teaching is mostly done in small groups of about 25 students.

At the end of the year, international program students and students from the regular academic program are brought together to attend a fourth-semester program, according to their subject choice and their position assigned by the academic jury.


The fourth-semester program is geared to prepare students for enrollment in different specialization departments (three years before obtaining an INSA Engineering degree - a Master’s degree in Science and Engineering).


Students with a French Baccalaureate (or similar)

  • Follow the same admissions process as for the regular academic program
  • State on their application form that they are choosing the INSA Rouen International Program
  • Enter INSA Rouen as their first university choice.

If INSA Rouen Normandie accepts their application, students will have priority for international program registration.

INSA Group procedure

European or international candidates

The entrance exam is restricted to candidates who have or are currently pursuing a scientific baccalaureate, not issued by France or by Morocco (specific conditions apply).

INSA Group procedure

Tuition fees

The current INSA tuition fee is approximately €13,500 per year and per student. However, since INSA is a public school, the cost is mainly funded by the French State. Students must anticipate an annual budget of at least €6,500 to study at INSA Rouen Normandie, in addition to transportation costs and personal expenses. For the first year, non-French-speaking international students enrolled in the international program must also anticipate registration fees depending on entrance exam conditions.

Annual expenses to plan for besides visa fees (2020-2021 fees).
The following amounts are for information only and non-contractual.

INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM - SPECIFIC FEES (specific applications)(Candidatures spécifiques)

Specific fees apply to the bilingual program (airport pick-up, summer school services, administrative support, cultural activities, FFL courses, guidance and mentoring throughout the 2-year undergraduate program).

4 000 €1(outside Europe with summer/winter school)

700 €1 (Europe, with summer school)


 Mandatory, a single installment for the 5-year period

1subject to validation


Registration fees

601 €2

 Per year, payable upon registration/p> 22017-2018 fees

Student life subscription

91 €

Occupational medical exam

5.10 €2


Additional health insurance

From €9.90 per month

 According to coverage package

Liability and home insurance

From €25 per year



Housing expenses per year

From € 3,600 per year

According to housing category

Guarantee deposit

Around €305

Returned in full from end of lease provided there is no property damage


Around per year

2 200€

on average

Specific programs

Welcome Program - Summer school

A three-week summer school, prior to enrollment in the international program.

The undergraduate program in the international program at the Engineering Science and Technology Department is equivalent to the first three semesters of the INSA five-year curriculum.

Summer school takes place every year during the last two weeks in August and the first week in September. It is designed to prepare students for the international program and is key to continue studying at INSA.

Welcome Program - Winter School

  • For Chinese students selected in August
  • A seven-week program prior to the international program (mid-November/mid-January)

An academic jury is selected in the student's home country (as of now, this only concerns China; Vietnam and other countries will be subsequently included in the procedure). Admission is decided on site according to grades obtained in Science and English. Students then spend four months in their home country taking intensive French courses and beginner science courses. The international program’s undergraduate studies at the Engineering Science and Technology Department correspond to three semesters of the first two years of the INSA 5-year curriculum. Academic training starts with a 7-week winter school, aimed at making integration for Chinese students easier. The period consists of intensive scientific learning equivalent to first-semester course content, and an introduction to French culture.


 Winter school, mandatory for students selected in August, is key to continue studying at INSA.